** all-ages folk and children's music from east asia **

This song is about the summertime, mountains, and kimpab, a tasty Korean food that resembles sushi, but is usually made (at least, in my house) with seaweed, rice, radish, spinach, egg, and perhaps crabmeat. My mother would make it for us when we’d go on a hike in the mountains. Kimpab is the perfect outdoor walking snack.

This is probably the most Western sounding song on the album. Because this project was inspired by my experience as an Asian-American born and raised in Tennessee, I wanted to write one song influenced by popular American music that included some very elementary Korean phrases. My command of the language is far from perfect, but the song is simple and easy to learn. It conveys the joy I feel at the prospect of summer — a time to get together with friends, hike up mountains, sing together, and of course eat kimpab.


Colin Brooks, drums
John Foti, piano, vocals
Yoshi Waki, upright bass
Rob Friedman, organ, electric guitar
Techung, Tibetan lingbu flute
Seung Min Song, gayageum
Shane Endsley, trumpet
Sonia De Los Santos, vocals
Elena, vocals

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