** all-ages folk and children's music from east asia **

PIPA: a plucked, pear-shaped Chinese string instrument

YANGQUIN: a Chinese hammer dulcimer 

GAYAGEUM: a Korean zither-like instrument (related to the koto and guzheng) that typically has 12 or 21 strings

PIRI: a Korean double reed instrument, typically made of bamboo

FUE: several different kinds of Japanese flutes, generally made of bamboo (the most popular is the shakuhachi)

TAIKO: a drum in Japan 

SANSHIN: a three-stringed plucked instrument from Okinawa, Japan often made with snakeskin (predecessor of the Japanese shamisen)

CHANGGU DRUM: Korean traditional hourglass-shaped drum

KOTO: traditional Japanese stringed and plucked instrument (related to the Korean gayageum and Chinese guzheng)